It is all about trying

Den folgenden Artikel habe ich im Rahmen der Kampagne für den „World Creativity and Innovation Day“ verfasst, ebenso wie das Video, dass im Anschluss zu finden ist.

An Article dedicated to the World Creativity and Innovation Day.

What brought the human species where they are right now? The civilization of today is branded by Innovation and Creativity. These two factors are needed more than ever before in human history to find solutions for global problems like the climate change, poverty and hunger or the decreasing access to fossil resources. Nowadays a lot of people are convinced that younger generations should be prepared for the upcoming changes, which means that a simple transfer of knowledge doesn’t work any more. Instead, experts claim it might be more important to let young people the freedom to be creative, to teach them how to solve problems and to be responsible as much as to develop the social skills. 

It might be this century that will decide about the future development of the human species and its civilization. 

We need young people who are able to take risk and to step forward. New entrepreneurs who are willing to go new ways and to bring the society forwards a new future are necessary to ensure a worth living planet for further generations. 

Creativity and Innovation is nothing that only a few people are gifted with. Everyone has the skill to be creative, but most of us don’t know how to get access to it or how to use it. How many of you had already an idea for something that might solve a problem, but didn’t realize it? Probably a lot of you didn’t start to realize the idea, because people told you that it is unrealistic or it seemed to be too expensive. There are thousand reasons that will stop you from trying to realize the ideas you have, but if you are convinced and obsessed with your idea, why not at least try to realize it. The key word is trying. In the human history people always tried, maybe failed maybe succeeded. The point is that they started something, either they failed or succeeded it doesn’t matter. In the end they stepped forward, took risk and brought the civilization to another level. Through that the human species developed as far as nowadays. 

Take this as a motivation to realize one of your ideas, to start something you were afraid of before, to do something, to try. Do not wait at home or at work that other people will solve your problems or the global problems for you. Take your self in responsibility and be the master of yourself making the world a better place and saving the planet we are all living on.  

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2019